These Spiritual Healings are unique and invoke a power that is intangible. Spiritual healing is not hard to comprehend. The term refers to the healing transmitted by the spirit, soul or divine force. In Chinese cultures, this is the Chi. Chi or Qi is also known as prana (India) and ki (Japan).

It happens through the presence or the awareness of a healer.

Spiritual healing can help both physical and emotional problems. A goal of spiritual healing is to eradicate problems, usually starting in the mind, to restore balance to the person and continue spiritual awakening. Wounds, emotional or physical, impede our spiritual progress and therefore must be healed before awakening can continue.

Take a breath, in and out, keep on repeating it. See you’re alive still. Now do this with your pain and suffering, breath in the positive and breath out the pain, See you’re still alive!

THE HEALING is non-invasive, alternative and spiritual. This healing process uses the power of nature which we call the ‘Prana of nature’.

With this type of treatment we can heal a wide range of health issues, promote your body’s own self-healing and assist with clear thinking, decision making and problem solving.

We determine if your condition is:

– Medical
– Hereditary (illnesses passed on through our ancestors)
– Outside influences, such as spirits, curses or black magic
– Self generated or created
– An imbalance with nature

Some ailments that this healing can help with:

* In spiritual healing cooperation between the healer and the client is necessary – if they both can work together there will be great success.

Our Healing sessions are non-invasive and hands on healing using sacred oils and the universal energy.

We generally find that each client needs 3 sessions, however some clients may need more depending on their needs.

Also available:



Our auras are like magnets picking up vibrational energies that are floating around everywhere we go. It is important to cleanse our auras freeing them of foreign vibrations and negative energies.

This is done at the final healing session along with the Personal Psychic Lifetime Protection. With the opening of the Aura, we can invoke your strength, charisma, career wishes or personal desires.

OPENING YOUR AURA will re-balance your aura so that your eyes and face will shine. This is especially beneficial for business owners.



At your final Healing session, we will also give you a Personal Psychic Lifetime Protection, this will protect you from further psychic attacks and aid you in your daily life.

All human beings when they are born already have protection from nature but most people are not aware that they have this inner protection. The protection that we give is using this protection that nature has already given us and rising it up through your 4 elements (fire, earth, water and air) so that it is active and starts looking after us once again. This empowerment is only needed once in a life time, it comes from the knowledge of nature and it is very rare to find someone who can genuinely rise up your natural protection that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Duration: 3-4 hours / can only be done if all Healing sessions have been completed and the client is free from all obstructions. 

Before we open your protection we will need to neutralise your body, mind and heart with a shower with seven kinds of flowers and drinking a blessed coconut.


Psychic Protection

Open your Aura

Purification and clearing

Tea/coffee or cold drink provided


Upon request and for an extra cost, Kusumah and Yogini can also Invoke Your Attraction:

INVOKING YOUR ATTRACTION will help you attract in all areas of your life. Especially beneficial in attracting in love relationships.

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