These exquisite semi-precious gemstone malas are made by Yogini and Kusumah from Puri Metamba – House of Healing.

All of them have been blessed and purified with Holy water from a selection of lineage temples throughout Bali.

These semi-precious gemstones have been sourced from numerous locations around the world. They each have their own gemstone meanings and attributes for everyone and will come with a special meditation blessing to neutralise the stones in readiness for your personal use.

You can wear them around your neck, wrist or simply meditate with them, the energy from each mala will aid you in your daily life. Occasionally they might break, this means that you have broken through a certain aspect or characteristic of your personality. If this happens, we can restring and rebalance them for you for a small fee.

We also create individualised malas for clients. Contact Yogini for further details via our Contact us page.